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Health & Safety Updates

July 2017 | A WARNING for all Childcare Educators...


It is no longer adequate just to hold a HLTAID004 Childcare First Aid certificate! Educators now also need to demonstrate their first aid decision-making & response abilities both during emergencies AND randomly during some Assessment & Rating visits. This change is happening as many educators are not adequately prepared to respond effectively in an emergency which has lead to some devastating outcomes.

In fact, the number of 0-4 year old children injured in childcare services and needing hospitalisation has increased by over 32% in 5 years! There has been a corresponding increase in the risk of liability - not only for the childcare service, but also for individual educators! Some educators have faced fines of up to $300,000 and in one case, even jail time!

The risk of liability has been linked directly to educators choosing to attend first aid courses based on price, instead of quality. However it is not so easy to tell the difference between providers when they all claim to deliver compliant training. So how can you protect yourself!

To minimise the risk, all that is needed is for educators to be more aware of what is required in a first aid course, and choose a first aid provider that covers these basic skills, specialises in the Childcare Sector AND covers the following Key aspects:

  1. identification and management of the early warning signs or "red flags" of a sick or injured child BEFORE it becomes an emergency
  2. risk assessments - when, where, what
  3. febrile convulsions - did you know there are 3 types?
  4. communication with the sick or injured child (it's different to what you think)
  5. emphasis on practical scenarios - designed to build decision-making skills and the ability to respond with confidence
In addition to the above 5 key factors, our Childcare First Aid course additionally includes the following key aspects:
  1. small classes for personal coaching
  2. loads of training equipment
  3. sequencing of practical scenarios designed to boost the confidence of every educator across all types of responses
  4. embedding of multiple elements from within all 7 National Quality Standards to ensure you are fully prepared for any emergency (including the dreaded Assessment & Rating visit)
  5. interactive online theory modules to work through at your own pace prior to the face-to-face course to enhance learning and ensure a true consolidation of knowledge & skill during the class.
We are the only provider we know of that delivers all 10 of the above key aspects within a 1 day HLTAID004 Childcare First Aid course.

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