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Childcare Health & Safety Consultation

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First Aid, Health & Safety Workplace Compliance

First Aid, health & safety workplace compliance is an important area often overlooked or skimmed over. If you are lucky enough to avoid a major workplace incident (especially one that involves children) then you may only receive a non-compliance fine (currently at $2000). However, if a serious injury does occur and investigation identifies a non-compliant workplace, not only can your business by fined, but individual staff members at amounts of up to $300,000 and potential jail time! DON'T RISK IT... find out what YOU can do to minimise the risk of liability at your service.

     +  What is the Childcare Centre First Aid, Health & Safety Consultation?
One of our consultants will meet with the Owner or Director of your service in a complimentary 2 hour meeting (valued at $450). In this meeting, we will work through our unique assessment form so we can better understand the challenges and goals of your service, identify what you are already doing well, and identify opportunities for improving your overall rating.

You will receive an electronic copy of the report including recommendations based on the assessment. Your next step is to simply decide on which recommendations you would like us to assist you with implementing.
     +  We are always assessed as compliant, do we still need this service?
Yes. Compliance only ensures that minimum standards are met. This service additionally identifies ways that the health & safety standards in your facility can be adjusted to exceed the minimum standards. This is often reflected in the results of future NQS assessments of your facility.
     +  We review our own training, policies, equipment and plans. Can you do anything for us?
Yes we can. As you already conduct these reviews internally, you will already have a good idea of where you are doing well and where you have room to improve or exceed. If you already know what you need to do to meet your objectives, we can assist you in sourcing services, co-ordinating training and more so that you can get back to the day-to-day running of your facility.
     +  What is covered in the consultation process?
Our unique assessment includes the following areas:
  • Incorporation of NQS Assessment & Rating Instrument
  • Training needs analysis (First Aid, Health, Safety, Fire)
  • Review of First Aid Kits & other Emergency Equipment
  • Review of policies/procedures relating to illness & injury
  • Training needs analysis for specific illnesses, disorders or other circumstances
  • Review of Emergency Management Plan for disaster readiness
  • Recommendations based on above reviews and training needs analysis
  • Assistance with implementation of recommendations including co-ordination of other services as required (such as fire extinguisher testing)
     +  I am interested in this consultation process but want more information
Great! Simply complete the Request Consultation form and describe what further information you would like. We can then get in touch with you to discuss a tailored approach to your needs.

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